Duke Energy Future of Electic Energy  is Digital

The infographic above is Duke Energy’s view of how its regulated utility business evolved over the past 150 years and an even more disruptive and innovative mashup of changes and new technologies shaping its future.  Those first power plants are long gone replaced by rooftop solar, wind turbines, and battery storage in vehicles and homes in an energy ecosystem operated on digital platforms in an Internet of Things connected world.

The electric power portion of the energy value chain is being transformed by distributed generation technologies, renewable energy resources like wind and solar, the prospect of better battery storage, and a revolution in the regulated utility business model in ways that democratize the energy value chain.

In the oil and natural gas part of the energy value chain disruptive technology is playing out in the midst of a global price war where high priced oil is at rock bottom prices in a market share competition between Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, the US and the rest of OPEC and national oil companies from Algeria to Venezuela.

Oil&Gas Apps for the Energy IoT

We need actionable insight across the energy value chain on both the electric power side as well as upstream in oil and natural gas.  Technology change is driving this transition.  Low oil and gas prices and weak electric power demand growth are starving the industry and forcing rationalization of capital investment, operations in a search for new reserves and new solutions.  We need Performance Now!

Performance Now Apps Roadmap

Turning Intellectual Property into Recurring Revenue Products and Services

 Gary Hunt is an experienced, independent strategy adviser who put his software development, product management and consulting services experience to work for clients with ‘fresh eyes’ market and product strategy insight.  He helped clients to turn their IP into recurring revenue products and services. As a founding partner and president at Tech & Creative Labs, Gary and his partners leveraged advanced analytics software products into high value-added disruptive innovation solutions for the energy vertical.
What is disruptive innovation?  It is the power of data, analytics and insight to change or disrupt the usual pattern of business in an industry to create competitive advantage.

TCLABZ   “sweet spot” is the convergence of information and operations technology for scalable growth leveraging data, analytics, content and expertise from:

  • Artificial market simulation
  • Online content management services
  • Data visualization
  • Learning software
  • Mobile and remote data gathering and synching software
  • Pattern analysis
  • Social media and interactive community software
  • Visual network analysis

creating recurring revenue business model solutions to scale market share growth.

Clients include the Fortune 1000 and leading software, consulting and information services companies seeking B2B product and market strategy expertise to:

  • Scale growth to improve valuation in anticipation of a strategic transaction,
  • Improve the quality of earnings using recurring revenue business models,
  • Launch software and analytics products focused on cleantech markets,
  • Refine the company brand or marketing message to stand out in a crowded field,
  • Leverage IP and expertise into services for wallet share growth.

TCLABZ helps clients improve their operational excellence and extract insight from real-time or near real-time operating data  whether that data comes from sensors in IoT solutions or from remote, non-automated field data capture the old fashioned way.

TCLABZ Solutions Across the Enterprise

While there have been spectacular advances in analytics and big data management the learning curve and market penetration of these solutions still leaves many firms caught in a place no one wants to be— XLS Hell!   This isn’t criticism of Microsoft.  It is tribute to the reality that much of the data we still need every day to get the job done still lives in spreadsheets somewhere.  TCLABZ focus is helping our clients navigate their way to the big data machine learning future with solutions that improve performance NOW when we need it most to confront the challenges of our low oil and gas priced markets.

Here are some examples of Gary’s work products, engagements and experiences that keep pushing the boundaries of change in our volatile competitive marketplace:

  • Deloitte MarketPoint Transformation.  Gary was engaged by Deloitte to lead the transformation of the MarketBuilder desktop software acquired by Deloitte into a SaaS platform for use across Consulting practices. The generalized equilibrium modeling software had been in continuous use for 40 years but not updated for a decade. The challenge was refreshing this storied but aging advanced analytics solution while retaining the confidence of its legendary client base that includes market leaders in oil, natural gas, mining and global commodities.

whats_new at DMP               SOURCE: Deloitte MarketPoint

  • Utility Outage Management Compliance Strategy. Gary was engaged as strategy adviser to a large investor owned utility focused on implementation of California Independent System Operator’s (CAISO) outage management system for integrating renewable energy resources with utility owned generation resources in a unified power plant declaration, planned outages and outage reporting system.
  • Environmental Compliance Module Pilot for SAP Alliance Partner. Gary led a pilot project to demonstrate how output from environmental software and database services of a large information services company could be turned into a mission-critical SAP module for environmental compliance for Fortune 1000 users.
  • M&A Due Diligence and Integration planning. For a Fortune 1000 information services company Gary provided due diligence in product mapping, overlap analysis and integration planning for its acquisition of a leading macro economic analysis, global supply chain and trade flow data company integrating its capabilities into energy and business insight services.
  • Smart Grid Software Go To Market Strategy.  For a global software developer focused on Smart Grid and global transmission markets, Gary provided analysis of its growth plan and product launch strategy to improve the market message and product positioning used in a market recapitalization of the firm.
  • Recurring Revenue Product Strategy. For a strategic advisory company focused on emerging renewable energy technologies in global markets, Gary provided product and energy domain insight to align the products and enhance perceived valuation to position the company for sale to strategic buyers.
  • Fresh Eyes Strategy Challenge for Risk Management Software Producer. For a small risk management software start-up producing products for energy portfolio managers, Gary assisted the company define its product message based on expected customer needs across alternative scenarios to improve its go to market strategy.
  • Solar Energy Company Differentiation Strategies. For a major solar energy company competing against rising PV panel imports from China, Gary assisted its sales and marketing team identify ways to improve its value proposition integrating its solar energy capabilities into customers’ existing operations.


Gary brings 30 years front-lines experience in information services, energy cleantech and environmental driving force issues as a strategy consultant, information products executive and adviser.

  • Strategy Adviser. He served as VP-Global Analytics & Data, at IHS Global; President, Global Energy Advisors; Research Director at CERA and a Principal at Standard & Poor’s. Today he advises cleantech, renewable technology, information services firms and utilities on competitive positioning, product strategies and customer engagement.
  • Market Leadership. Gary was the vision, product architect and champion for market leading Ventyx Global Energy Advisors information insight products:
  • Utility Operations Executive. Gary has energy and water utility experience in all three North American power grids WECC, ERCOT and the Eastern Interconnect in both wholesale power generation, transmission and energy delivery segments.
  • Industry Thought Leader. Gary was a regular contributor to SNL Interactive providing commentary and analysis on energy and environmental issues for investment banking and utility users for five years.  He is a member of the Advisory Board for The Energy Collective, and is a member of the Index Committee of the Stowe Global Coal ETF Index used by Bloomberg, and he writes frequently on energy, environmental and cleantech market issues.

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