These are the recommendations to date you may find on my Linked-In profile from customers, colleagues, supervisors and others I have worked with:

Scalable Growth Strategy Advisors

Ongun Alsac, President, Alsac, Inc.
hired Gary as a General Contractor at Nexant in 2009

“I have met Gary about two-and-a-half years ago while I was managing Nexant’s Software & Information Systems Division. At that time, we had engaged him as a consultant to help us with our growth plan and marketing strategy. Not only he did a fantastic job in assisting us, but he also impressed people in the group with his wide industry experience, extensive software products and services knowledge, extraordinary understanding of organizational and strategic issues, profound wisdom to solve problems, and extreme professionalism. Since then, I am a big admirer of Gary and continue to follow his work through his blogs, postings and publications, and definitely look forward to other opportunities to collaborate with him again.” January 31, 2011. Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Thierry Godart, Vice President & General Manager, Siemens Energy
hired Gary as a Business Consultant at Nexant in 2009

“I enjoyed working with Gary at Nexant. Gary was hired as a strategic adviser and created a roadmap for growth, including a thoughtful review of the sales and marketing organization. Gary’s experience in the domain of software products and services for the energy industry was a great asset to us. I recommend Gary to any executives looking for outside independent advise on organization and strategy.” April 13, 2010. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Douglas Welsh, Vice President, Nexant
hired Gary as a Business Consultant in 2009

“Gary has outstanding industry knowledge and a knack for being able to leverage that to his clients’ advantage. He’s very professional and I enjoyed working with him. I would definitely hire him again.” April 8, 2010. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative


Vice President, Global Analytics & Data, IHS/ CERA

George Retelas, Student, San Jose State University
was with another company when working with Gary at IHS/CERA

“Gary Hunt has been an insightful mentor through his example of leadership and patience. His wisdom has been invaluable during my graduate studies and he is a great role model for any organization.” November 25, 2008


President, Global Energy Advisors Division, Ventyx, an ABB Company

Hind Farag, Manager, North American Power Services, Wood Mackenzie
worked indirectly for Gary at Global Energy Decisions

“In total, I worked for Gary for about six years of my ten year career in the energy industry. Among other leaders I worked for, Gary has many unique traits. He exemplifies the true sense of leadership. Gary appreciates the value of talent and capability to advisory businesses and invests in obtaining, developing and retaining the best of class. He then places his utmost confidence and respect in his employees, guiding but setting no limits to their growth and development. Gary is also a strong visionary with a great ability to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities. Gary has managed to stay calm and find opportunities in the most difficult of situations. Interestingly, he orchestrates all of this with an extremely simple and down to earth attitude inviting all stakeholders to own the future of the business and its success. In addition to the exceptional professional growth I experienced under Gary’s leadership, I have definitely gotten my life lesson from him on basics of visionary and inclusive leadership.” August 14, 2010

Bill Caruso, Director, Sales, SolArc, Inc.
worked with Gary at Global Energy Decisions

“Gary and I toured the continent together for about 5 years; we had a great working relationship, Gary producing some of the best forecasts in the Marketplace and me selling his forecasts. We competed with and beat all the likely suspects. We also worked together to execute on some of the most successful consulting projects in our space including projects that are still being cited today. We were as successful in selling consulting as we were his forecasts and advisory services. We sold and delivered projects in every NERC Region in North America. I would work together again with Gary Hunt any day!” June 17, 2010

Mark Venardi, Partner, The Venardi Elam Firm LLP
was a consultant or contractor to Gary at Global Energy Decisions

“I represented Gary. Gary is one of the smartest, creative, and ethical people I have had the pleasure of representing. He does the right thing even if it is not necessarily in his own personal interest. He is a high energy, super high intellect, and high capacity guy. The kind of leader that I would have running my company, or alternatively, the kind of boss for whom I would be honored to work. I am certainly proud to have been his lawyer. Throughout my representation of Gary, I became acquainted with a number of his peers and people that had previously worked with and for him. Without exception, they all felt the same way as I described above. That should tell you something about this exceptionally fine fellow.” February 11, 2010

Benson Joe, Manager, Enterprise Management Solutions, Black & Veatch
worked indirectly for Gary at Global Energy Decisions

“In these uncertain times Gary is the type of visionary that can navigate the choppy waters of the new energy economy. As the practice leader at Global Energy Decisions Gary took a stale business model and transformed the group into a profit center. Gary provided strong direction and developed innovative products that were highly valued by our client base. I enjoyed working for Gary during my time at Global Energy Decisions.” March 6, 2009

Peter Bell CFA, MS, BS, Senior Manager, The Structure Group
worked indirectly for Gary at Global Energy Decisions

“Gary Hunt, a visionary leader and compassionate mentor, was instrumental in growing Global Energy’s energy consulting practice to the world-class organization it is today. The organization Gary built and led delivered exceptional services and products to some of the largest utilities and energy service providers in the United States and abroad. I am proud to say I had the privilege of working with Gary.” May 6, 2008

Carlos A. Romero, Senior Director and General Manager, Utilities Practice, SAS
worked with Gary at Global Energy Decisions

“Gary is a complete leader, with great personal and technical skills. He is indisputably recognized as an industry expert in the electric markets. Customers, colleagues and employees always have the best things to say about his work and professionalism.” April 5, 2008

Doug Buresh, Sr. Vice President, Indiana Municipal Power Agency
reported to Gary at Global Energy Decisions

“It has been my extreme honor to work for Gary, an incredibly gifted leader and visionary. When I think of Gary, comparisons to great coaches like Bill Walsh and Dean Smith quickly come to mind. A talented motivator, Gary promotes a culture of respect, teamwork, individual freedom, and innovation that translates directly into success for all stakeholders. Simply put, everyone who works on Gary’s team gives their absolute best effort because they know Gary is doing the same for them.” March 2, 2008

Hans Daniels, Vice President, Market Analysis & Strategy, Alpha Natural Resources, Inc.
reported to Gary at Global Energy Decisions

“It’s been a pleasure working for Gary. His vision for the product lines and the overall company is one of the primary drivers of success at Global Energy. As president of Global Energy, Gary knew precisely when to push employees and when to let the employees push themselves. It’s rare for a manager to achieve the proper balance, but Gary’s style allowed us to maximize our productivity and creativity. The phenomenal growth that occurred during Gary’s tenure is testament to his success. I would love to work for Gary again.” February 26, 2008

David Humphrey, Senior VP of Professional Services at Accruent
worked indirectly for Gary at Global Energy Decisions

“Gary is the prototypical leader of a consulting organization – bright, articulate, innovative, and a visionary. He has an exceptional understanding of the energy industry and the types of consulting assignments and products that the industry needs in order to be effective and efficient in these changing times.  He is an inspirational leader who was able to move the Advisors group from purely consulting engagements to an opinion and direction setter for the utility industry.” February 15, 2008

Michael F. Donnelly, Senior Director, Fuels Markets, SAIC RW Beck.
reported to Gary at Global Energy Decisions

“It was a pleasure to work for Gary Hunt. His great people skills and strategic ideas and insights into the integrated energy market were of great value in growing our advisory services. His management approach allowed for creative interdisciplinary analysis to solve complex client challenges. His superb magazine articles covering the full breadth of our work in the energy market gave us an opportunity for visibility in the dynamic energy marketplace. Gary will always be a huge asset to any energy business.” February 15, 2008

Ann Donnelly, Director, Fuels Markets, SAIC RW Beck
reported to Gary at Global Energy Decisions

“Gary expertly put together a team of highly qualified consultants and gave them the support and direction they needed to accomplish great things. His oral and writing skills were hugely important in designing marketing plans and in presenting our team in important forums. His connections in the industry, where he was very much respected, were always extremely valuable. He truly understand what it means to our clients to have a trusted adviser and is one of the few executives I know who understands the importance of providing service to and establishing relationships with clients.” February 15, 2008

Dan Gruidel, Director Market Development, Ventyx
reported to Gary at Global Energy Decisions

“Gary Hunt is an incredibly gifted manager and executive. I would classify Gary as a true motivator who brings vision and a commitment to his people and excellence that is often hard to find. Gary is a proven executive that will improve any company that is lucky enough to call him an executive.” February 14, 2008

Mark Foster, Director of Utility Sales and Business Development at SPG Solar
reported to Gary at Global Energy Decisions, a Ventyx Company

“After spending 11 years as my own boss at LANMARK, Inc., Gary was my direct supervisor at GED for the next five years. Gary is one of the most honest and supportive managers I’ve worked for over my 25 year career. He would lay out the high level goals for the division and had enough confidence in his team to accomplish the projects. We took over a small fractured consulting group and built it into one of the premium energy consulting firms in North America over a 5 year period under Gary’s leadership. Truly one of the few “good” guys in a leadership position today. I would be honored to work with Gary Hunt again in the future.” November 15, 2007

Dan Drechsel, CEO, Ftrans, LLC
managed Gary at Global Energy Decisions, a Ventyx Company

““More than anyone else, Gary Hunt provides the heart, soul and intellectual thinking that under lays Global Energy’s successful Advisory services business. Gary has a unique ability to identify consulting that can be converted to products. He has led the growth and development of this business successfully since his arrival. September 3, 2007” September 4, 2007

Paul Bogenrieder, Senior manager, KPMG
hired Gary as a Business Consultant in 2004, and hired Gary more than once

“The quality of service that Gary provides is outstanding. Gary and his team have a deep understanding of the energy industry, they work hard to understand the client’s problems and they deliver results in a way that’s comprehensible to a wide audience.” July 18, 2007 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

James Slider, Director, Planning & Analysis, Nuclear Energy Institute
hired Gary as a Business Consultant in 2005

“My firm interviewed Gary for a potential consulting assignment on a scenario planning project. Throughout our phone, e-mail, and face-to-face interactions with Gary, he conducted himself with the utmost professionalism. I was very impressed with Gary’s capabilities and standards. Although my firm ultimately went in a different direction, the positive impression Gary made has kept him high on my list of candidates to consider should future circumstances present an opportunity for us to seek outside support in the areas of his expertise.” June 6, 2007. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time

Tom Mol, Product Sales Director, Global Energy Decisions
worked indirectly for Gary at Global Energy Decisions

“Gary is an individual of outstanding character and high integrity. He is well respected for his leadership. He has applied his creative talents to provide unsurpassed strategic direction to the consulting division at Global Energy. Under his direction the scope of the products and services has increased significantly resulting in significant and continuous revenue and profit growth. This is due to his depth of knowledge of the energy industry and his unique ability to foresee industry trends and develop services to meet these needs. I highly recommend Gary due to his character, talent, and performance.” June 2, 2007

Mozhi Habibi, Sr. Director of Product Innovation & Commercialization, Global Energy Decisions
worked with Gary at Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA)

“Gary is a great leader and a visionary. I worked with Gary or members of his team in various project, and it was obvious that his team had an immense amount of respect for him. During the time I worked with Gary at Global Energy it was clear that he created an atmosphere of respect, teamwork, and was open to ideas from his team.  At Global Energy he proved time & time again that he can think outside the box, and develop new business opportunities for the company.” July 8, 2009


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