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If Egypt were to realize less than one percent of its solar energy potential, it could be a larger energy producer than all the Middle East oil exporters put together.   It could power the energy needs of its growing population and could be a net exporter of solar electricity to Europe.”

Egypt may have created a revolution, but can it sustain it?  That is the question being asked today by every Egyptian waking up to its new reality.

The military high command now in charge told the world that it would hold fair election as soon as practicable, that it would uphold its peace treaty with Israel, and that it needed to focus on stabilizing the government so it could begin to correct the economic and other problems facing the Egyptian people.

Could Egypt ask for more than this?

Tony Seba’s blog post shows Egyptians one way to start by becoming more energy self sufficient and turning their best natural resource—the sun—into a better way of life for the Egyptian people.


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